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Can Anyone Help Me Find This Lure


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Guest Big-Banana

Looks very similiar to what the guy in Thornleigh used to have, Ive seen them in a bargain bin somewhere too (maybe Parklea?)

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The lure is a bomber 14-A in "XBS Baby Striper", roughly 9cm and weighs 9.6 grams.

if anyone has one or know where i could find one in ths is specific colour could you let me know. :biggrin2:



This is a bass lure - try the Australian Bass Angler or if no luck there google XBS Baby Striper and you will get plenty of overseas places you can get it from

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Guest danielinbyron

there are a couple at my local shop in green. cheers d

they have the shallow bib like that one.. theres not much change from $20 for them.


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