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Lake Windemere Classic 2006


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Just got back from a great weekend up at Windemere. We had a little bit of rain and the wind wasn't real nice but we still managed to land a few fish. The water level was down to 28% and the usual boat ramp was out of action. The ramp around the corner was ok but very busy at start and finish times with some boats waiting up to 30mins to get on the trailer. Last year we only had a little tinnie with a 15hp so it was much more comfortable this year in the new boat.


My brother (vjstalgis) was the first to hook up and was very happy indeed seeing he had never caught one before and he was even happier when he saw the size of the yellowbelly as is neared the bank. The fish went a whopping 600mm and was shortly followed by his second fish going a very nice 520mm. What a session and this was only the first arvo!


Unfortunately Davesmithy has got one in the record book from last year which went 610mm so it's second place but I am sure he would like to enter it for Catch of the month.

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The next session I finally got one and a new pb for me at 450mm. My brother got his on Jackalls and I got mine on a deception. There was alot of algae in the water and we found black lures to work well. My brother didn't have a black jackall so he just coloured part of a silver/bronze on in with a black texta. We also has quite a few hits and misses over the weekend and it seemed as though the fish were more agressive than hungry. My uncle and cousin came up also and managed to bag about 4 fish each with sizes between 430mm to 550mm and most of these were also caught on deceptions too. Overall a great trip and my brother still has a smile on his face, you've got to love it when your first one goes 600!!!!


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