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Lake Macquarie


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Hi all,

Going up to Lake Macquarie tomorrow for a week and was wondering if anybody knows how it's been fishing up there lately????

Taking the boat and wife, and looking forward to having a nice relaxing week fishing. Boat is 5.8 mtr Hainse hunter. Never been up that way before and was wondering if anyone has some advise as well. Do they get kings and jew there to????

Is there any areas that you can gather your own bait etc,,,,, Any info would be greatly appreciated

Keep up the good work everyone with the reports,,,,,,,it's a great site site with a great wealth of information


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The lake is a big place - which part of the lake you going to

I was up there on Sunday - you could see kingfish hanging around the bridge pillons at Swansea near the opening during the run-out tide.

Squid is caught quite regulary from the shore in front of the club near the bridge.

Pulbar Island - North West corner large cocle bed that holds good bream

around pelican lots of flathead

google - newcastle fishing (don't click australia) - you will find that there is a very good web site based around the lake and the hunter river as well as stockton beach

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