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Stradic's Turn To Crap


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i have a shimano stradic 6000

had it for ages but after 1 season it started making heaps of noise when i wind.

i have heard other people say its common for this reel, and the guys at the bass angler (where i got it) said you cant do anything about it

does anyone else have this problem?

can it be fixed?

should i convert to daiwa?

i expect more out of such an expensive reel

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Guest fishrunner

I changed to Daiwa for spinning reels a while ago and am happy with that move :thumbup:

However I bought a stradic 2500 and on the 1st day I used it after bout 1/2 doz casts the noise you mentioned appeared :( , I took the reel straight back to where I purchased it - 2days ago, They were suprised as well and sent it straight to shimano under warranty(I pushed for a new replacement but didn't win).

When the reel came back it was perfect, the noise has never returned :biggrin2: . They could only tell me it was serviced - which for a new reel didn't impress me.

The reel is still great to this day, though it now sits in its box as I like the daiwa's better (IMO).

get em to send it away, 10 yr warranty after all :biggrin2:

Good luck

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There is no such thing as a problem that 'can't be fixed' with a new shimano reel. Even where a part is damaged beyond repair it can easily be replaced, and that includes the body of the reel itself. Any store that tells you otherwise is absolutley full of crap.

As fishrunner said, Shimano's have a ten year warranty so at the very least the reel can be returned to the manufacturer. If Shimano's technicians cannot fix it for some reason then you are entitled to a new reel.

Sorry if this sounds a bit aggro but I realy get :ranting2: when I hear of consumers getting bad or lazy advice. To tell a customer that a $250 reel that was bought a year earlier, and is now malfunctioning, "is just like that" is pathetic. It's top of the line equipment Caine - you're entitled to expect it to work for more than 12 months.

Get fired up and take it back to the shop you bought it from!!! At the very least they are obliged to send it back to Shimano.

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I have swapped over to Daiwa for the same reasons........why when you pay good money for a reel should it need tweaking or serviceing from near new?

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Contact Dunphy sports fishing at Carringbah directly and bypass the retail shop, you'll save time and will be looked after by the guys there. They sorted out my faulty Ultegra 4000 spool straight away. Top service from them and no questions asked.


Dunphy Sports Fishing Imports, attn to service: 36 Bay Road Taren Point, Sydney 2229,

T. 9526 2144

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