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Flathead Pasta

Guest danielinbyron

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Guest danielinbyron

my mate came up with this its a pearler..

fresh pasta or gnochi.{2mins}

while it cooks chop flatti into small pieces

2x cloves of garlic small pieces..

remove pasta once cooked drain and cool {rinse with cold water , drain again}

throw a table spoon of butter the garlic and flathead into the now empty pasta pot. turn heat down a little..

ad palm sugar and juice of one lemon.basil if you have it..

ad pasta and stir thrugh until flatty is cooked,


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Guest danielinbyron

I have since posting this tried several other fish including spotted mackeral .The credit for this dish belongs to Ewan who is a raider member now , but busy in Melbourne working . Waste of a good man I reckon.. :biggrin2:

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