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G`day Fellas ,

Bets for Saturday .

Going Fishing early Tomorrow.

Parlay....$4.oo ....Place


Race....6...No......16.....Cinque Cento

Race....7...NO......9......Our Apache


Good Luck To All.


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Good punting to ya Mick. :thumbup:

I haven't even checked out the form guide yet. :(

I'll head down soon for a few, no hurry today, been busy cleaning out the garage and was supposed to start on the shed until the red belly that was sun baking on the step decided to venture in to the shed and hide. :074:

Darn thing can stay there now, I'm hangin' for a beer!! :beersmile:

Dad tells me you've had a good drop of rain near the coast.

Top day weatherwise here and I know I should be somewhere else than here. :1prop:

Oh well, all good things take time. :biggrin2:

cheers :beersmile:


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G`day Fellas ,

Heya Paulie , No Luck all round today I`m afraid.

The rain turned the Fish off for a change , and I never looked like getting My tea , let alone backing a winner.

But I`m glad the Big Carnival is Over , it`s almost impossible to win in those huge fields .

The Goon and the beach will begin to fire about wednesday , and a Local fella I had not met before showed me Two Photos of Big Jews He Has taken Of the Beach over the last 2 weeks.

One Fish went 60lb odd , and the Other was around the 40 Mark , fat buggers too they were .


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