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Lures For Kings


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Guest danielinbyron

I like the look of wattos kingy lollies but have'nt tried them, except hookless as teasers..

Poppers I reckon are the most fun ..or big blades second ... just because you get to see them chase em up and smash them..

Kingy's will take just about anything if they're on the bite is my experience, we get them on skirts and minnows on the troll.. If i were fishing in say Pittwater I'd also like to have some small blades with me in case they're only feeding on white bait or something small and they're being fussy..

Just have to find them..

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Kings will hit anything but some lures are better than others. Like Daniel has noted they can be fixed on very small bait. THis normally happens when you can see them on the surface in early spring. Then you can get them on small metals and plastics but when it comes to kings the style of lure isn't all that important most of the time. It is the way they are used.

The best thing is speed as they will instinctively have a shot at fleeing prey. Slow retrieves work with high action lures like soft plastics especially sluggos but they can be finicky. Better to crank them fast with a few pauses and wait for the hit.

My kids love poppers as they can troll them behind the boat and give it a couple of twitches with the rod for added splash. Very visual and also productive.Cheers Kelvin

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