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New To Middle Harbour


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Hi all, im new to this fishraider and let me say, this place is great. I have a silly question to ask, id like to know a good place to start downrigging in middle harbour. I had some success last year in the harbour proper for kings but it seemed every time i tried to get my wife out it blow a gale and she wanted to go somewhere sheltered, which is understandable. Middle harbour seems to be the right place to take her when its windy. Any help will be much appreciated, maybe just where i should start.

thanks dodgem

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Try around the moorings. There is ususally some action to be found. You can search out the fish as you troll. Look for bait and kings on the sounder as they can turn up just about anywhere. By the way you should post this item on the "chat section"rather than the fishing reports.CHeers KElvin

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