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Syd Harbour 11/11


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went out at sun up this mourning, got some good sized livies at balmoral and headed out to north head to troll them around no takers on the way to bluefish point or on the return leg but there where huge schools of salmon boiling it looked to good to go past so in came the live baits and out went the slices, had a ball hooked up to heaps, landed a few all on light gear so they gave a good account of themselves weren't even very boat shy for a change which is promising. headed back in to see if we could score a kingy or two around MH but to no avail i'll have to get lessons from kelvin he's slaying them! or maybe just stalk him around the harbour.

still great day on the water


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Sounds like the weather gods came through for the weekend Raiders. I've just come back from doing a mon - thurs Harbour assault and we couldn't/wouldn't have dared to try for the heads (16ft tinnie). We had a good go at the sambos and they were very boat shy and very fussy, so good to see you got onto them. Maybe the rough water had given them some curry as well. They certainly make up for a baron day if you can get a few to the boat.

Well done.

Brian P.

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