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Cowan's On Fire !


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i dont write reports all that often but i thought this was a special occasion

we went down the boat friday night and came home at 8:00 tonight

on Friday i tried for a few squid and got one put it out as a livie and got smashed by tailor :ranting2: so decided to head inside and watch a DVD instead

on saturday thing really got interesting. we went into the mud flats to try and get some squid at the drop off but nothing, although we did get a numbfish and a few hits on the SP, we headed back to the boat and put some large baits out for jewies got taken by a moray eel and into the rocks :ranting2: put a small bit of tuna and droped it down to to see what was about ..... heaps of tailor ranging from tiny little 20cm guys up to big 50cm guys ..... had a ball with them for a few hours (didn't keep any) and then i had something different on ..... i wasn't sure what it was but it put up a great fight ..... then to my suprise my first jewie pops up :yahoo: although only small i didn't care it was my first ! after that i got onto some flounder, more tailor, bream, small snapper, yellowtail and rays ..... as night came the tailor kept coming and so did the squid :biggrin2: there where literally hundereds swimming in and out of the spotlight ..... we caught 17 small bait size ones and 4 larger good eating size one ..... we stayed up till 1:30 in the morning sight casting them but they where hard to get :thumbup: in between getting squid i was still getting tailor and another small jew :yahoo: and another ray :ranting2: and more tailor and just as i was about to go to bed ..... another small jew ! ..... WHAT A NIGHT !

on sunday the tailor where still around so i decided to head into the flats i got whiting, bream and flatties on the SP

and thats my weekend ! one of the better fishing trips in a while

and i also snapped my favourite rod!! :ranting2:

pictures to come tommorrow morning

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Sounds like you had an awesome time on the weekend, would have been a great sight to see the squid swarm around your boat light. I have never been squiding at night before, it would be pretty cool to see something like that.

Congrats on your first Jew. I really like eating fresh Tailor, top that with some nice Cowan squid, you have a pretty good feed.

Thanks for posting and sharing.

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