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Installing A Fish Finder


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I'm only fishin a little tinny so not a lot of room. i have the trans. mounted on a stainless slide that alows me to move it up and then completely off. Not sure what the bracket is called but I got it from a chandlers and the mount has a drop in knurled knob that holds it in place. works a treat.

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Try to mount the transducer in an area that does not have too much turblent flow....

a few milimeters does make a big difference. I run mine between the ridges, so you get protection from the two ridges eitherside and space where water can flow in between without turbulent flow.

The brackets on the market should allow you to adjust the depth of teh transducer by a few centimeters to "tune it" to your boats characteristics.

Hope this helps,

Huey :beersmile:

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