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Red Gurnard

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Hi All,

Fished Saturday morning and whilst getting a nice feed of flatties on plastics managed to land something a little bit different. We were fishing off Werri Beach (south coast) in about 90ft of water with a silvery looking atomic which has been doing very well with the flatties. A Red Gurnard is a new species for me on plastic, has anyone else picked one up yet?


:beersmile: Stallo

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wow thats the biggest gurnard ive seen, does it read roughly 49cms??? i cant make it out

meant to be tasty

did u keep it?


yep, 49cms. Decided to bring it home for a taste test. Never tried one before. Very nice firm flesh but you feel bad eating it because they are sure a colourful fish. I'b be just ashappy eating a flattie so all the future ones can rest assured they will back in the water in no time!


Nice work there Stallo! :clapping: U should submit for fish of the month as well as there's no lure-fishing record for Gurnards.



Thanks mate. I don't think it would beat my brothers entry for fish of the month (golden perch) but I have submitted it for lure records.

:beersmile: Stallo

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