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Dora Creek Garfish


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Garfish = yummy

butterfly along the gut line - roll with a rolling pin on a bread board to crush all the bones, lightly flour and fry in butter till crispy

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Mmmmm... love a good feed of gar

Sounds like a trip to Dora Creek could be in order.

How far up the creek were you fishing??

I was approx 2km up the creek but you can catch them anywhere from the channel weed beds upwards. They take a bit of burlying but it is great fun except when a large Long Tom wants to muscle in on the act!!

I don't know what Gars taste like but my husband and friends love them. The fish were only medium to small but I am hoping to hook into some larger ones soon!! I have also put a few in the freezer for bait. Don't think I will be going to the Jetty today as the weather is just soooo cold and windy!

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