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Suggestions On A Plotter


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G'Day everyone,

I have just bought my new Furuno 585 sounder and I am now looking for a plotter, originally I was going to install and Navman but I have found out that the Navman wont interface with the Furuno using the NMEA intrefaces, Furuno have a gp1650 which sells for about $2500 but I am trying to get out of it a little cheaper as I need to stay married! any suggections would be much appreciated.

PS The unit is being installed on my new 640 Barcrusher so I am a little resricted due to the steep angle of the windscreen so I cant go to high.

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Yeah im doing the same thing. I have the Furuno 620. But im not going to run the chart plotter though it. Im goin to get a seperate plotter. I was told from a good source to not run gps through the finder and to deff get a seperate plotter. Cupla mates of mine have a seperate setup and i do find it is better to have both seperate.

Nothing beats the full screen on the sounder and Plotter.

I recon you could get a plotter fro around the $1000 mark and that should include a map.

Im keen to hear what everone else thinks so ill keep a keen eye on this thred.


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