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Found The Best Whiting Lure

Bream Reaper

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g'day fellas.

went for a spin shorebased the other day with the intention of catching a few whiting on the flats.

there has been a lot of talk of soft plastics and poppers as of late re. whiting. they work, but i just found the ultimate lure.

its the tiemco stick minnow. its about 40mm long, made of solid plastic, and looks like a husky jerk with its bib snapped off. when it sinks, it remains horizontal and shimmies on the way down. on a slow retrieve it sways side to side.

however, it really gets the whiting going when ripped really agressively over the top of shallow weedbeds.

let it sink a little and rip the rod in a downwards motion very heavily with very few pauses.

the whiting go ape over it, shouldering each other out of the way to nail it.

so try it for a challenge! tony @ fishfinder tackle has a few left in stock.

sorry i got no pics of the lure.

P.S: i did end up catching about 8 big whiting before the water got too deep over the weedbad. ace!!

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Guest danielinbyron

Thanks for that BR...sounds like a hoot

sounds as though you were fishing calm water , do you think they'd be stable on a beach in small surf.?

any chance of a pic.?

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hey dan, sharky and iceman.

i found that on overcast days the fluro colors ( pink and chartreuse) were goind and on clear days natural light browns and greys etc. were the go. most of the colors are translucent. but its not as important as working the lure the right way.

the aim is to rip it back with hard short stabs of the rod with a moderate retrieve. like working a slug-go. toofast, they spin out. too slow, the fish lose intrest.

i havent used them in turbulent water, but i think they probably wouldnt work. they are pretty finely tuned and probly wouldnt handle it too well.

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