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Yellowfin On The Weekend

Ross Hunter

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Hi Raiders,

Galeforced winds :1badmood: have once again kept us off the high seas However the good news is that all looks good for the weekend. The current flow looks good and we predict we will catch yellowfin again thus making this amazing season, never ending. Both Glenn and myself have had a great run on the fish and whilst we have been catching them for many years, it is still a great thrill to see a first time angler gaze at a half empty spool on a rampaging tuna run..They simply are the most powerful fish in the ocean, and the average angler begs to experience their power and tenacity.We have had the pleasure of sharing that experience with many anglers over this great tuna season.Including a swag of Fishraiders

All the fish caught in the past fortnight have been small ( ranging from 5kg to 20 kg) with the 5 to 6kg schoolies being more common.

We have been doing better to the south rather than the Mountain but that can change. Best lures Bloodshot Tuna Hunters and bib less minnows.

There have been acres of stripey tuna around, which do keep boredom at bay during the quite times. We dropped down to 6kg and had a ball last week on these little bullets. :1fishing1:

Will report in after the weekend Good luck if you venture out.

I will be doing a series on fitting out a trailerboat for #####ing on my radio segment on 2ky's Hi Tide at 5.45 am on Sat and Sunday over the next month or so, if any one's interested.

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