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Tweed Report


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Gday all,

Been a while since i have done a report so here goes. Ive actually been away for a few weeks and had a bit of a fish in the Tweed river.

That place has really slowed down over the years and this was no exception. I found it really hard to find fish and worked very hard for what i got. I did try for some Jacks and maybe a Bream but it was blowing a gale which made it even tougher. Couldnt find any Jacks but did manage a few Moses Perch which were hitting Bass Minnows.

Highlight was two decent Flatties one at 74cm and one at 75cm which i pulled from a small shallow weedy bay just off the river. One 74 took a Berkelt Mullet in sand perch and the other took a 100mm Squidgee shad in green. Both went back in to fight another day.

I spoke to some locals who also confirmed the slow conditions in the Tweed. Even the local fishing map they give out at tacklo's said the fish stocks had depleted.

Here are some pics.





Lucky to find them I think !


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Guest fishrunner

Nice flatties there, :biggrin2:

Last time I was up that way I struggled a lil bit as well, - got outfished by the :wife: ,- and she very rarely fishes :tease:

By the looks on the face of whom I presume is your daughter ,,,, are you sure she didn't catch that 2nd fish :thumbup:


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My understanding is that the lower reaches of the Tweed are off limits to the pro's but they can go upriver.

There are plenty of trawlers on the Tweed and im pretty sure it gets hit hard.

Im not sure of the exact limitations to where they can go but they definately have access to parts of it.

Im sure it fishes better from a boat and in warmer whether too. I cant really complain after catching two good flatties but they were few and far between.


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Noice flatties there Grant.

Those Moses Perch are aggressive little buggers aren't they. I was talking to the girlfriend's old man

he was from a pro fishing family up that way and he was saying the Tweed fishes nothing like it used to.

It can produce quality fish but it's copped a massive hiding over the years and his opinion is it's paying

for it now.

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