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Yellowfin Everywhere On The Weekend

Ross Hunter

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Broadbill and Billfisher had a good time catching a swag of yellowfin tuna both days .Saturday was great with light nor east breezes. Sunday the nor easter got to 25 knots later in the afternoon but we had it up our tail so all was good on Broady..she just laps that stuff up.

Interestingly we fished 5 mile east of Browns before we found the temp break. Once found we trolled 15 fin between us on Bloodshots and minnows.

On Sunday naturally we headed to the same area I headed northward and at 10 miles past Browns that temp break could not be found 19.7 degrees and green all the way I decided to head further north adjacent to Long reef, we worked in 800 fathoms We angled back to the shelf and at 300 fathoms we found a pack of sperm whales. We trolled around these and whack, double hook up We caught one and the other fell off The temp had by now reached 21.7 degrees, we had found the break . We worked in 250 fathoms 32 nautical mile north of our home Botany Bay. Having found "the nest" we worked it hard and trolled yellowfin all afternoon, mostly on the bib less. We had to leave biting fish at 2.30 pm to negotiate the long haul home .

We caught a heap of fish ranging from 6kg to 18 kg. A good weekend was had by all.

Tip for Fishraiders If you see whales or sun fish it pays to troll over to them keeping a sensible distance of course, the school tuna follow them, a bit like cobia under the manta rays.

I will update our web site with photos and a better yarn later.

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