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Trout From Lake Jindabyne

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post-2707-1164063708_thumb.jpgpost-2707-1164063572_thumb.jpgpost-2707-1164063572_thumb.jpgpost-2707-1164063572_thumb.jpgpost-2707-1164063572_thumb.jpgi had planned my annual pilgrimage a month ago and when i looked at the approaching weather patterns i was was stoked. It was a typical winter weather pattern thoughwe were now half way into November. My plan was to do some trolling, downrigging, and flick some soft plastics around the steep rock walls near the dam. My first afternoon proved that this was not going to be very productive as i only managed 1 nice brown at about 1.5 kg on a gary glitter. The second morning confirmed my fears only raising 2 fish in 3 hrs trolling. 1 fish however tipped the scales at 2.15 kg. Unfortunately the girl who took the photo for me at the boat ramp didnt press the button down and when I got home there was no photo on the camera.

A third trolling session that night turned up nothing so i decided to change my plan of attack as the guys fishing mudeyes were cleaning up. Now i had fished mudeyes plenty before, but theses guys had it down to a fine art, and i listened carefully to everything they told me. The first thing they told me was to use a size 14 hook. I couldn't believe it!! The other thing was to use 4 lb leaders and a bloke who went by the name of Duffy put me onto this line called Siglon. (I recomend it to all balckfisherman as it has an incredibly small diameter for it's breaking strain). Although mudeyes now cost $8 a doz due to the drought I knew i would catch fish and this is reasonably chaeap cpompared with the cost of losing a couple of good lures.

The following photos were taken on my first afternoon session with the mudeyes. First came rain, then came sleet, then came snow. Althoughit looked cold, I was actually really comfortable with thermals and the right clothing.

The trick to fishing mudeyes under a float was to follow the wind and fish a bay where it was blowing directly offshore.

All up that week i caught over thirty fish, browns, rainbows and even a few salmon (though the salmon were really skinny).

Can't wait to get back there, and now I know its fishable even under the most attrocious conditions i will be looking for similar weather patterns.


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