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Gday all, ive just finished uni exams and im looking forward to spending my next 4 months holidaiis FISHING!!! Just wondering if i could get a little help on jewfish rigs. I will be fishing in botany and (vary rarely) the hawkesbury targeting jews.

Just wondering what everyone uses for jewies in these waterways, do you go big on the leader incase of a monster fish(which ive been told to do), if so how big is big and what size hooks do you use and how many..

Also what size should my leader length be and where should my sinker be?

I will be fishing with live yellowtail and mackeral, live tailor, live squid and dead fresh squid.

How would i go about rigging each of these baits?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and any other tips on how to catch a jewie are welcome..


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Thanks for the link, it was very useful..

Any additional advice is appreciated..



The article above is good but even better is to get Greg Joyes' DVD "JEWFISH SECRETS" for about 30 bucks. It will save you a heap of time on the learning curve. Greg is the most renowned Jewfisherman on the central coast, he does it for a living, and puts his clients onto heaps of fish.


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