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Which Braided Line For Beach Overhead?


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Hi Raiders,

i am going to have a crack at some beach and rock fishing over the summer, i bought myself a Shimano Backbone elite 10" overhead rod and a Daiwa Sealine SL30SHV overhead casting reel...

My next issue is what to spool it up with... i understand that Penn 10x Mono is the choice for hardcore rock spinners, but i will be spending the majority of my time on the sand. i have had good experiences with Fins in the 20 and 30lb weights, a friend of mine also suggested that new platypus lo-stretch mono.... my question is what is everone else using on their casting overheads? and how have you found it?


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Guest danielinbyron

hey sam

theres a guy up here that sells braid on ebay out of oceon shores.

my mates have been using it off the rocks and the boat

and it seems to be far superior to anything i've bought.

just stays new and waxy and stiffer ..

i'll be getting some in the next week i'll send you the price,

enough said is the seller... daz has his phone numbr so we get it without ebay fees etc.

but they first bought it as it was cheap.

its TUFF line and comes in all weight classes

the green, again seems to be far superior to the yellow.

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