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Curl Curl Beach, North Or South?


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Gday Raiders

Time to dust off the beach rod! Im heading to Curl Curl and I have not been there before.

Which side does better south or north, or any other locations that are alright for a fish.

I just dont want it to be a hit miss event.

PM me if you around that way and we can meet up for a fish.



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raiders. how does curl-curl compare to dee why?

i fish dee why mostly and find tailor and salmon at change of light, high tide best, occasional whiting and flatties in the couple of hours before dusk and bream after dark (on prawn). sorry to hear about your dry session kantong. maybe give dee why a go. last i hit it, there was a lot of weed though. made for a frustrating session.

also, how long do radiers stick with the one spot on a beach before moving further up or down?

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I have done much better at Long reef in the last two months. Got one 8kg jew and saw another person land one a bit smaller two weeks later. Collaroy has been salmon and saw a big shark come in on some berly in waist deep water at dusk about a week or so ago. Cheers.

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