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Stronger Quarantine Conditions For Imported Prawns Recommended


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Stronger quarantine conditions for imported prawns recommended

It may soon be illegal to import whole prawns into Australia unless they are from a nation declared disease free.

Biosecurity Australia has released a report recommending stronger quarantine conditions in a bid to prevent a series of diseases infecting the Australian fish stock.

Another recommendation would require shelled prawns to be cooked before import.

The Federal Fisheries Minister, Senator Eric Abetz, says industry and the public have until late February to comment on the proposed policy.

"Some of the diseases seem to be of such a nature that greater restrictions will need to be placed on them but of course before we go down that track we want to fully consult and make sure that we're behaving in a manner that's acceptable under the World Trade Organisation standards," Senator Abetz said.

"The advice either stands or falls on the basis of the scientific rigour and as a Government we have made it very clear on a number of occasions that these import risk assessments are genuine risk assessments."

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