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Wollongong Sat 25/11/06


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Drove down after work on Friday night and stayed at my old mates place in Bulli. A quick catch up was followed by a few :beersmile: at the local, before we kicked on at his place til about 1130.This was the first time we had caught up in months, and my first fish since October

330 start saw us on the water about 415. We made our way up the coast from Bellambi to a couple of his favourite spots. A noreatser was puffing a bit, but it was still a magical morning as the sun came up.We landed a real mixed bag including reds,mowies,flatties,yakkas,pike,butchers unsavoury characters and bazillions of sweep.

On the way back to the ramp we drifted along the beaches picking up a couple of flatties before being smashed by sweep again.

Highlights of the day included the old mate fighting a 3-4ft Mako on a hand line, only to snap the line after he missed the gaff, and old mate getting a facial from an angry cuttlefish.

This was the best day I've had in a long time, great to catch up with an old mate and hunt some fish.The weather was tops too apart from the NE wind. Reports at the ramp too of a few big kings being caught out a little wider.


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