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Elections Next Year


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As we all are probably aware, next year we have the NSW state, as well as the federal election.

When I go to the booth, I want to know the person that gets my vote is going to do the best by me.

I don't want to start a fit shight over this topic, I want to keep it fishing only please.

What parties are the most supportive of the recreational fishing community? Which ones aren't?



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In my opinion,none of the above,

they cant be trusted,

Im voting Shooters party in the NSW election,

most shooters are fisherman as well,

they already have one elected member,and are going

for a second,thats 2 seats the Greeneys wont be getting,

and thats gota be good for us fishos.

My 2c worth.

:beersmile: penguin

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I'm afraid most fishermen are not shooters and there is 1 million of them in NSW.

History shows that the Shooters have voted with the government on fishing matters since Mr JT was elected

Sorry but they have had 12 years of that so it is time to give TFP a go. TFP can vote on shooting matters if they get the chance and still oppose the greens on appropriate and supporter base matters.

Bob Smith


The Fishing Party

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I stated that most SHOOTERS are FISHOS as well,

not the other way around.

Maybe TSP and TFP should get together,they both seem

to have a common enemy and similar goals

Yes that's right, I think its a waste of time to have them both contesting when they'd do much better aligned after all fishing and shooting are just two different forms of hunting!!!

Shooters party I feel has a bigger footprint even with less shooters in the state then fishermen!

The Shooters party will be getting my vote as I am a shooter first and a fisho 2nd as well as that I have faith that the Shooters party will protect fishing as well as shooting and hunting where as I don't believe the feeling will be reciprocated if the shoe was on the other foot!

It would be great if we got Roy Smith elected this term as well as a fishing party candidate in the upper house! Then if an alliance could be made between the two and they were steadfast in their views and harsh on the Greens we could see some positive changes for both shooters and fishermen! IMO hunters are hunters whether you use a bow, rifle, fishing rod or underwater!

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