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i am looking at what to get for my next combo and i was looking at a baitcaster (maybe the HRF ..... i wanted the steez but a fresh water only reel :mad3: )

anyway im am worried that i won't use it asmuch as a spining reel

what species could i target with a bait caster in the salt besids flatties and jews ?

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so basically it can be quite a good piece of equipment to have in an eaustry

i am also hopeing that i can buy a spare spool and put 6 lb on it for bass and bream and stuff but also put 20 lb on it for jews, dollies and the like

will this be a problem ? or just extra time to change the spool and extra money to buy one ?

now as far as rods go there isn't going to be something that will cover 6 - 20 lb so any suggestions on what i should do there ?



PS: soory i spelt the titls of the topic wrong

figured out after i posted it and can't figure out how to change it

PPS: thanks for changing it :)

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