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Living On The Tweed.


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G'day all.

We made our move up to Murwillumbah a week ago & have been settling in to life on the river. I'm blown away with the beauty of the area & the generosity of the people.

I've been having a few early morning sessions off the backyard before the family gets up. So far nailed a dozen Bream & 4 Flatties. The bream are easy. Throw some bread in watch them surface feed & chuck anything at them & they nail it. :biggrin2:

The bait trap is producing good sized prawns. I got smoked this morning on 1.Grrr. The neighbour popped over yesterday with a couple of big muddies from his pots. They went straight into my pot of boiling water & were full & delicious. I've also been told that the G.T's will arrive soon. I'm looking forward to that!

Back to Sydney tomorrow to build a couple of pools. I don't want to leave!

I'll be online now & then on friends computers until we are settled & I'm back home.



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Good to see that you are enjoying it up there Grant,

It wont be long till you have your backyard fishing sussed I don't think.

Fishing like that form your own backyard, HOW GOOD IS THAT.

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