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didn't think i would ever file a report in this section! any way Quinfish was kind enough to take me out on sunday for a session at berowra and at the start Robert was determined to throw plastics around while i persevered with prawns and squid. Not much happened for a long while so we moved around a bit. Still not much happening so i had a go at using a squigie that i bought during a moment of fantasy, while robert half heartedly baited up. I actually hooked a small flatie that came off before i could get it on the boat :1badmood: Anyway we had been fishing for a few hours with nothing to show for it so we tried one more spot.

Robert started again with the sps and quickly landed a small flatie :thumbup: i looked on with envy but i congratulated him anyway. he quick followed it up with another one and i thought i would give my squigie another go. Three or four casts later and BAM something takes my squigie!!!!!, it felt heavy and i couldn't get the grin off my face as i fought to get it to the surface. I was forgeting all the basics but luckily Robert was there giving me helpful instructions- nice and steady - keep the head in the water! Finally the flatie gets on the boat :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:60cm!! my first fish on sps and pb flatie. I was over the moon and i didn't mind letting everyone know either. after a few photos from Robert and a self pic we released the monster( sorry if thats a brag but i'm still hyped) to hopefully make someone else trip on the river a memorable one.

Sorry it was such a long report and thanks again quinfish for the experience.



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