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Belated Report


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Hey all

Been slack the last few weeks with reports, an my pc crashing taking a dozen pics :mad3:

Anyhow thought Id post one of the few pics I was able to salvage off a cooked hard drive

Both of the kingys were taken by my older bro around the "Cakes' an went between 72-78cm


Dan an Greg



Edited by Dan and Greg
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Nice work "The cakes", i assume your refferering to the wedding cakes in the harbour?, the reason im asking is because last weekeend i trolled from botany bay to sydney harbour- and i came across another mark not far from maroubra called the wedding cakes - its basically a huge exposed bommie.

anyway great fish well done :1fishing1:

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LOL Well said namesay, I will remind my brother after catchin 2 fish like these, he should be smiling :1prop::Funny-Post:

We usually pick up our squid around middle head, inclose.

Excuse the "Focus" but after 14 hrs out straight fishing, an squidding I think the foucus could be excused particulary considering its a mobile camera, not a dedicated digital cam. I will keep that in miind for future pictures, need to zoom in more :1prop::1prop:

Yes It was the wedding cakes in sydney harb where these kingys were caught


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