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Cod Season Opens Just Nicely.


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G'day all,

Went to a spot I've been itching to fish for 3 months and was rewarded with a few nice fish, they wernt huge but they were all over legal size and released unharmed.

What a great start for the season, and in my yak too.





And a very nice 71cm


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Thanks guys.

Yeah the tow is a lot of fun with these power houses, great stuff in skinny water.

I prefer casting at likely looking cover rather than trolling, its heaps more productive and interesting way of fishing in my opinion.

Going out again later this evening so hopefully more reports to come.

Cheers, Allan

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4 days of pretty tough conditions has seen a total of 9 cod landed by myself, a mate who fished the weekend with me (who will remain nameless) went back to Sydney fishless :074:

They have been pretty shut down untill tonight when the best two fish were landed, they were 81cm and 84cm, both fish caught on surface lures.

To answer a couple of questions above I dont generally use bait or troll lures for cod, I've found that finding likely spots and working them over casting lures and spinnerbaits a hellava lot more productive than other methods.

Cheers, Allan

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