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When To Use Double Uni Knots And When The Use Swivels


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if your useing anything that is likely to spin --- use a swivel

when trolling or live baiting i have a snap swivel on my mainline then the rigs made up with loops to attach them, that makes it quick and easy to change them and helps stop line twist.

if flicking plastics or dead baiting i'd go with just the uni knot

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As in all forms of fishing you can make things easy or complicated. It all depends on what you want your tackle to do and the likely targets.

When I am downrigging, my normal line is 50lb braid. I put a short bimini twist double. This is mainly to stop the braid cutting into the mono at extreme drag settings. I then tie with an albright knot a fluorocarbon leader. Normally this is 50-80lbs. I can wind this leader right up. great when fishing alone.

I then tie a swivel and then another shorter length of fluorocarbon. My total leader length is about 4 meters or so. The swivel stops line twist if my baits start to spin.

This set up gives me a bit of stretch to compensate for the lack of stretch in the braid and more abrasion resistence....essential for catching kings.

For my squid outfits it is double uni knots all round! They don't run like kings!!!! :1prop: Cheers Kelvin

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