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Saturday 2/12/06 Boatany Bay


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Hi Everyone,

Went out on Saturday for a fish, left Cooks River at approx 5.30 am. Headed straight to Yarra Bay to gather some bait, Luckily there was heaps of them around.

Worked the downrigger around the South Head of botany bay trolling the Yakka- no takers, the swell was a little lumpy so held back from going out too far.

Sammy and Crazedfisherdude were fishing yellow rock and the wedding cake so we decided to head that way aswell and try our luck, when we got there the Bluefin Boys showed us a nice Kingie, Wd Sam and Chris.

First hookup, the kingie ran in true king fashion- unfortunately as i loaded him up with drag one of my crimps pulled. :mad3: and lost him.

My mate got the second hookup, unfortunately he was running 20lb braid and didnt think to check his drag before dropping his livebait, the king ran his drag off- and even with the lever drag thrown into full lock the fish could not be turned, the King went down deep and into a hole...............lost another one :05:

The Bluefin Boys also had action, boated several fish :thumbup: with 2 keepers :yahoo:

Squid definately seemed the favourite on the day, although we got hit twice with Yakkas it was very far and few between bites.

headed back just as the southerly hit, so it was a slow rough wet ride back, I really hate facing those types of conditions. :frozen:

I got myself a yo-zuri squid jig so i cant wait to try my luck at possibly hooking a squid next time........ :1fishing1:

Ill need your help with that Sammy :beersmile:

BTW nice boat mate, great fishing outfit

Anyway all in all a fun day and great to see the kings around

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