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White Island Off Whakatane


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Hey there Raiders, pinched from that NZ site I'm sure a few of you eavesdrop on ...a report of a bunch of guys doing a charter out of Whakatane (3 hours south of Auckland on the East Coast) .

Due to the overwhelming popularity of these fantastic sport fish I thought I post a couple of pics that may have you thinking about a fishing trip on this side of the ditch someday :biggrin2:



Edit.....I guess I should mention that they are indeed Kingfish for those that arent sure :wacko:

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Hi Clutch,

I'm heading over at the end of Jan for 2 weeks. Any good spots on the sth island on the west coast?

:beersmile: Stallo

G'day Stallo, I wish I could help you Mate but I've never been to the South Island. You know NZ is a huge place :074:

Up in the Marlborough sounds (top of the Sth Island) you still get Snapper and heaps of Blue Cod. Further South I think you'll just get heaps.....I mean heaps of Bluecod.It is from the West Coast of the Sth Island where they get those Massive Bluefin Tunas too

Sorry I dont know much more :biggrin2:

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