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Sunday At Silverwater

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Hi guys,

First off I'd like to apologise for not being at the flatty social. It was my dad's birthday and I wouldn't have been allowed by the family to take him with me :1badmood:

Anyhow my dad and I had managed to escape for the morning so we popped down to our (reasonably) local stretch of water at Silverwater. I'd been eyeing out this stretch of water near the newington armoury every day as I rode my bike to work and decided to give it a try.

Was a rather quiet day, but managed to coax one lone flatty from the depths.


Anyhow I missed a few positive hits that morning (stupid me using braid as backing for braid) so I will probably pop down to do a bit more investigating when it warms up again.



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Hi Mike,

Silverwater hey. :biggrin2: Nice one.

I put my tinny in there and probably motor past 100 good fish on my way to Hen and Chicken Bay to fish the flats....

I often see guys fishing the Silverwater Bridge pilons and the mangroves that line the shore along there. I hear it's very good at high tide and if you can manage it, Duck Creek holds some very big old bream as well :biggrin2:


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gday mate! good work. I work a few minutes away from Silverwater ramp. Ive always eyed it out.

If you ever go again, PM me, ill be interested in having a fish down there. The low tide gets very shallow, you can see all the muck and garbage they dump in there, trolleys etc... but makes good snags for fishies!



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