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This woman walks into a Bait and Tackle shop. At the register is a blind man with a sign in front of him that says, "The cashier is blind, please be patient with him." She goes up to the counter and says, "I would like some 20 lb test line for my husband, please." The blind man at the register turns around and begins to feel the back counter for a spool of 20 lb line. In the meantime, the woman places a $70 dollar reel in her purse. The blind man places the spool of line on the counter and begins to ring up her purchase. Just then, the phone rings and it's the store manager, who is behind a one way mirror at the back counter. He whispers into the phone, "The lady you are ringing up just put a $70 dollar reel into her purse... don't make a big deal, just charge her for it." The blind man hangs up and says, "OK, that'll be $3.50 for the spool of line and $70 dollars for the reel." Nervous because she's been caught red handed, she reaches into her purse for the reel to return it and accidentally, she farts. So the blind man says, "And that'll $2.50 more for the Duck Call and a dollar for the Musk Scent!

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