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Inflatable Pfd Recall


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G'day raiders...

While browsing my usual sites, came across this recall of a PFD that should be posed.

Date: 07/12/2006

Supplier Name: RFD Australia Pty Ltd

Product Info: Type 1. Part number JILF42. Purchased between 24 August 2006 and 30 November 2006 from BIAS Boating Warehouse.

Defect Details: Floatation devices were not fitted with a CO2 bottle.

Consumer action: Return PFD to BIAS Boating Warehouse for a replacement Floatation Device.

Market Coverage: National

Recall Coverage: National


Better safe then sorry eh??

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..may find that they have similar suppliers... Possbly all RFD jackets, most common I've seen out there mate. Only differnce being the super cheap ones from memory, went the inflatable variety:) .. But we can all do with an inflatable one every now and then :1prop:



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