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Broken Bay And Around


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Hi All

Was all keent o get wide and hit the BB fad, collected some candy yakkas and a few squid and nudged outside @ 7am to be greeted with not 10-15 but closer to 25, and a sharp chop,

Had a cpl of new fishers so decided not to bang all teh way out, fished downt o Avalon but the wind was mental, turned around as all it was doing was blowing the lines together,

Had a fast drift around Lion Island for a few flatties and flonder,

A cpl of hits at stokes,

Lost the bomb on the downrigger,

And home with a lot of wind burn and not a lot of fish :)

But as we know was better than being at work on a Friday.


Anyone interested in a fsin Mon-Wed next wk?

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:mad3: what are you doing fishing when the rest of us are working :mad3: and I hear you doing it all again on Mon with the drunken master. Not fair. Last I heard he was out in penrith getting pissed with his merry men :1beer::drunk:

I'll be in pittwater tomorrow, hope to see you there

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