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South West Rocks


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post-870-1165579962_thumb.jpgHi All,

Just returned from 2 weeks in SWR. Went out on a couple of charters. First one not much luck as the current was too strong and could not find bottom over 40m. Came home with a couple of Snapper and a Pearl Perch.Was happy with the charter operator, so decided to try again.

On Wednesday, headed out to the FAD 16ks off SWR with plenty of Slimeys. Trolled 4 rods out with no luck until we got to within 50m of the FAD. It was then that all 4 rods went off with 2 reasonable dollies and 2 rat kings. From that time on, the action did not stop until we ran out of live bait. Over about 1.5 hours, we caught at least 20 dollies ranging in size from about 80cm to the one in the pic, and lost countless more. It was my first time targeting these fish and will not be the last.

When we ran out of live bait, we headed into Fish Rock with some freshly trolled up bonito and stripeys for bait. Fished there for about 2 hours and caught countless kings in the 50-60 cm range. At a guess, between 4 of us, we must have caught between 30 and 40 rats. Great fun and I will be definatly heading back ASAP.

If anybody is heading that way, I can reccomend a good charter.



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wow good catch there. Always wanted to catch a dollies but neve had a chance since i dont have a boat :thumbdown:

i apologise for my ignorant but where is south west rock? How far is it from sydney?

well being a foreigner is an disadvantage in the forum since i dunno wat u guys were talking about most of the time :1prop: but it's the best fishing forum nevertheless.

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