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G`day Fellas ,

Our Last Bet for 2006 .


BOX TRIFECTA......... $1.00 Unit


BOX..... Is`t..4......$1.00 Unit


If any ....$100.00...Win....Race 7.... No 2 ..Ulysses

We also backed a Strong Stable tip yesterday in The Ist Race

in Melb , which of course must remain secret.

Good Luck whatever you are backing .


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G`day Fellas,

Yeah mate , it won and paid 4.30 , which rounded of the year Ok .

I think we finished up all winning about 450 each for the year , which almost doubled our outlay for 2006 .

Though we left 100 in the Bank to Back Roman Arch in the Perth cup on 1/1/2007 , probably 50 each way , but Fixed Odds at the moment has him at 17/1 and the Boss reckons that is Unders , so we will wait and see.

Just ordered My xmas pressie , A New 3 gig AMD Dual Core chip and Board , and all I gotta do Now is decide how much Ram and what sort of Box to Put it in.

Bring on ADSL 2 .


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