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Prior to purchasing my Cruisecraft 625 Explorer, I didn't know the differance from one trailer to the next, but I now have a full understanding on the laws, requirements and types of trailers on the market.

I purchased my boat/ trailer as a combination package. The trailer supplied was was a Dunbier cable braked trailer system rated for up to 2- tons. Since my last post, I have contacted Cruisecraft Australia in Queensland, the RTA, my insurance company and the BIA, all of which had been helpful. All responandances informed me that my trailer supplied should have been suplied with a breakaway system.

Attached is the coreespondance from Cruisecraft:

Hi Rick,

Confirming our recent conversation, it is our recommendation

that the Explorer 625 should have a T-EH Trailer underneath as the BMT

package would weigh over 2.oT with some fuel and std supplies.

The information we provided in our past Brochure indicated that

the Explorer 625 had a Static weight of 2196kg and a towing weight of

1996kg (after Towball down pressure). Now depending on who gives the

interpretation you could get a differing answer!

Our current brochure and website now states that the weight of a

(typical) BMT is 2300kg approx; approximately because each Rig set-up

varies because of fuel load, engine size weight and brand, not to

mentioned what additional options or items a customer may load into the

boat when towing!?

I hope this information helps to resolve your situation.


Peter Benston

Sales & Marketing Manager

CruiseCraft Boats Pty Ltd

-----Original Message-----

From: Rick and Simone [mailto:rs_kess@bigpond.net.au]

Sent: Wednesday, 8 November 2006 8:16 PM

To: Peter Benston

Subject: Re: Explorer 625 Trailer Query

Through various conversations with the dealer, they ordered me a proper Mayfair Redco Tinka trailer with electric brakes. They came to my house approx. a week and a half ago to change the trailers out. No adjustment to the rollers or supports were made, and after a four day trip to Port Stephens, upon my return home, I found that all the bottom hull centre roller brackets had not beenadjusted or tightened had collapsed and that the boat was only being supported by the side rollers only.

The dealer had me sign over the rego papers for the original trailer and sign new rego papers for the new trailer so he could register the trailer. He now wants me to sign another loan paper for an additional $2,000.00 for the additional cost of the new/ proper trailer for my boat. At this stage, I am hesitant about doing so because I feel that the proper trailer should have been on my boat in the first place when I originally purchased the boat, in which I financed. If I knew in the first place that I should have had a breakaway system, to add a couple of thousand of dollars to the original loan contract would have been no problem.

Any comments or suggestions in this matter would be apprieciated. I have been informed that I should take this matter to the consumer affairs tribunal for resolution.

Thank you,

Rick Kessner

"Yankee Doodle"

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It sounds like the dealer is trying to screw you for their original stuff up.

If you have the new trailer at home all registered in your name then I would ring the dealer and then tell him to jam it up his you know what.

For him to try and get you to sign a new loan agreement after he had already swapped the trailer over is no good.

If there was to be any additional charge, and I don't think that there should be, then this should of been discussed and agreed to at the time that the trailer was changed not some 2 weeks after the fact.

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