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Great Session, Got Slammed

Guest danielinbyron

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Guest danielinbyron

Ewan and I brained em this afternoon at the cape , 5 trevs to 5kg ,half a dozen tailor and some big bad bustoffs.

We saw kingies from the lighthouse and raced down to our favorite ledges to get at them .. The spots we were fishing have conge bombees protruding from the water and it was low tide.. So sometimes you win sometimes the fish win. And that just makes it more of a gas when ya land them..

I got to punish the rod Saqa's given me to test and while there were fishless gaps it was one of thos afternoons when you knew anything might show up..And you had to go hard on what you hooked up or you'd lose it..

At one stage I downed my rod to hold on to the back of Ewans pants as he was struggling and climbing to wrestle something big away from the snags but it popped..The next time he got done the fish just headed for open water and I watched the snyder trying to touch its toes Ewan hangin on in somewhat of a state of disbelief , he had it locked up pretty hard but it had other ideas.

Needless to say we lost a bit of tackle .. The best part was when we swapped to poppers.. One fish about twenty feet from me missed the lure in an acrobatic mid air 180 attempt and went at it in the water three more times before taking it at my feet ..

Unfortunately Ewan left the cam at home but heres a phone pic of the pick of the litter just a lttle under 5kgs clean and 73cm long.{pics in inches}

Makes me think and wonder of some of the Trevs up to 20+kg i've seen posted on this site, that must have been just epic , cos they go hard.


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Guest danielinbyron

yeah nice one mate, you have had a succesful couple of days.

what do you reckon the bust offs wee from? big trevs, kings, tuna?

mine was by big trev.. one of Ewans was questionable tho as it just headed v hard and heavy for the horizon , the place we were has so much structure its like an adventure playground for fish, and as soon as you hook up if the go sideways 10ft they have the upper hand..

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Sounds like some white-knuckled action there, mate. :thumbup::yahoo: Next time, we've gotta see the ones that bust you off! :biggrin2: Seems pretty consistent up there at the moment...


yeah best year ever for GT's around here, well ive been fishing consistently for 3 or 4 years here.

picked up another two this afternoon, gave one to a friend ate the other. Dan latched onto another trouble maker!

85 gram metal blades are getting most of this fish. Although great to see big fish slamming poppers again!!

Would love to here any descriptions of BIG GT fights - successful landings and bust offs. The first one i got tonight was simply explosive and violent, just locked him up as sure as I could trust my knots and line and held him then just used waves and my legs to keep him off the bottom and away from bombys until he tired out.

Lifting these fish up and out of an 8ft plus rocky barnicley washy ledge is an anxiety inducing moment. we really ought to start gaffing the one we want to keep.

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