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How To Catch Australia's Biggest Kingfish


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Here are a couple of Kingies caught in Port Augusta, South Australia in the Hotwater outlet channel of the powerstation.

The bottom has little if any structure, and is shallow water maybe 30-40 feet at the deepest.

The kings just scream away from the boat, and you have to drop the anchor over with a buoy attached and chase after them, as usually the only structure they can bust you off on is your own anchor rope.

The other technique the locals use is a 3metre tinny, venetian blind cord and a live squid. Once the king is

hooked, it cant break the cord and it cant pull the boat under, so the sporting fisherman is towed around

(usually with beer in hand ) until the fish is tired out and is skulldragged into the boat. Not very sporting

but would be a laugh being towed under fish power!

I dont think that method would work too well in Middle Harbour....

The hotwater outlet is probally the strangest place to fish in Australia. South Australia doesnt really have

tropical sportsfish, but Mahi Mahi, Swordfish,Ocean Sunfish and warm water tunas have all be caught or sighted in this channel.

The bigger fish has a mark behind its eye + the depth in the body makes it look more like a tuna than a king..

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Sounds like great fun. I have heard of guys lifting the anchor when hooking up with Cobia. One bloke reckons he was towed from Booker Bay to Woy Woy.



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Can't type due to all the drool on the keyboard!!!!! Those SA kings are awesome. Why don't we start putting in some anabolic steroids or growth hormones in Sydney Harbour rather than dioxin??? We'll have MONSTER kings in 12 months! CHeers Kelvin

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