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Squided Up


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Hi Guys,

Well first post ever so here goes I might just get it all wrong. I just bught myself a boat cause all I ever hear about is KINGS KINGS KINGS. So I went to La Perouse over the weekend for Squid. And MY DAD, not me, got a monsta!!! Photo below :thumbup: :

I hear Kelvin has been doing well in Middle Harbour, but Im not familiar with where to troll these Squid Monsters I have encountered !!! Any help will be good. i should be out there this Saturday to give it a go, so expect another report sometime soon. I want to learn about these oversize Yellowtails so any help would be wonderful with spots in middle harbour to troll green eyed monsters! :1fishing1:

Hope to meet some fellow raiders as I venture out there this summer.

Cheers guy, hope you like the squid. Info on it is basically this. Saturday Arvo, Bad weather :1badmood: , out in the Deep on Blue 3.5 Yozuri. Hope it all helps.

We ended up with Six, well Ill count it as seven with the big one in there LOL.



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