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Sounder Problems


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Hey guys

I headed out to the hawksbury today with coollagirl

and after scooting around for a while I decided to switch on the sounder

it seems to work well i.e showning the bottom fairly clearly but from the bridges to

Lion Island and around it and back I did not see one fish arch? I re read the destruction book

and set everything the way it should be (Ithink)

my question is is there anybody out there with the same model of sounder as me?

or similar if so could you please show me how to use this mofo properly ?

In demo mode it seems to work great showing arches structre etc

Any help would be great thanks guys


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Yeh it went well thanks

I wasnt solo as coollagirl came along for the ride

went out to Lion Island and trolled some lures round acouple of times but nothing hit

I must say that I was pretty impressed with the boat as the swell was approx 1 meter+ (probably wrong)

and it handeld it quite well just backed of the throttle abit and it was sweet

the only hard part is getting the boat into my carport as I only have 5mm clearance each side so its

bloody tight :05:



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