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Went To Broken Bay Fad Today


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Hi All

Ventured wide today in the hope that the warm water would be around.

Second trip in a cpl of weeks. Water was COLDER today. 19.1 at the FAD, as a result got one small dolly and a tiny king.

Bit disheartened witht he temp came backin, trolled around east reef nothing,

The Joey had schools of salmon busting up, we towed some lives round the school, only to get MONSTERED half a dozen times.

Had the Stradic screamng twice drag all the way up and did not even slow them down, LOL well was fun to hear the reel working.

Wacked out the big gun the tld 25 and 40 trace, same 30-40 sec of serious running and smack into the reef and gone.

Was fun and the kings r there, took a while but Harakara and I are slowly learnign patience, tight balls bait = fish.

God I hope the warm water gets there soon.


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