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Middle Harbour Report 16/12


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Headed out at 5am from Tunks park in search of some live bait.

Fished of Balmoral near the wharf then of the Middle head after three hours of berleying

a not a single bite or yakkas sighted went chasing squid around Manly

Hooked a snack size one of the second cast, then spent the next hour trying to entice his friends to join

him in the live bait tank with not success. Although the 1 inch jig was repeatedly attacked by a determined

gang of six squid ranging in size from 3-4cm - too cute to put on the downrigger!

The water around North and Middle head had a 3 metre South East swell of cold green murky water so headed back into middle harbour.

Sounded around the boat moorings and found Kingies sitting under the boats moored at the entrance to Sugarloaf Bay.

Got a strike on the second past, which failed to hook up and ended up with a headless tube, which was then stripped but no luck.

There were only 6 other trailers at Tunks park and very few boats fishing - However on the way back from

Manly we were 30 metres from the shore when a lone guy fishing of the rocks yelled out to us to check out

his fish he'd just caught - It looked impressive even at that distance at least 80cm. He was pretty excited!

Anyone have any luck in Middle Harbour Sat?

Yakkas seem to be scarce at the moment, no one at Balmoral Wharf had caught any all day as I picked a mate up from there a 6am and went back at 12 to grab some lunch and everyones buckets were still empty.

Anyone got any suggestions where they may be hiding?


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I also headed out from tunks at about the same time on sat mourning headed straight to balmoral for yakkas and scored plenty in about half an hour, burlied up using chook pelets always seems to work for me!

however didn't seem to matter as me and a mate where trolling the harbour with a live yakka on one downrigger and squid on the other and the squid was the only one that got a look in.

better luck next time


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