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Middle Harbour


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got a call last night at 2300 from my good mate who wanted to take his dad out fishing with me, as he is over visiting from the US.

not needed any more of an excuse then that, to take advantage of the break in the wind. I requested a 4am start.


went to the Shell petrol station at 0415 to get the import a fishing lic, but there little machene had been removed.

hit the water at 0445

sure enought at 0500 pulled up by fisheries officers in an unmarked shit box boat (mmmm under cover!! )

i explained that we fully intended to get the tourist a lic but couldnt, to there credit they were very understanding and let us know how to get one over the phone. :thumbup: legends!!! also gave me a new size limit sticker.

got out to middle harbour and straight into the surface fish. 6 just legal tailor on lure , and my american friend is all smiles.

then the kingings turned up, and man there was some big ones coming right up to the boat chasing metals, plastics, and poppers, but do you think we could hook one!! :ranting2:

all the surface fish were feeding on tiny 1cm travely looking fish, mmmmmm cant match the hatch unless your a gun fly caster. and there was a guy trying but he did no good. :thumbdown:

then at 0600 the sun came out and the surface activity stopped. so we settled in for some bait fishing and we didnt get any record breakers but managed

4 x 40cm flatties

4 x flounder (one over 40cm which i called catch of the day)

1 x 35cm bream

1 x leather jacket (on a gulp 3 inch squid on a 5/O hook ment for a kingy :1yikes: what the)

pulled up the pick and went home at 1100, like i said no big ones! no kingies! :thumbdown: but a great mixed bag and a PB flounder.

man i need a king, might get a down rigger and join the club. (AM I WASTING MY TIME IF I DONT HAVE A GOOD SOUNDER?)

some interesting comments from my american mate. they have a fish in sanfransico that looks like a flounder and is commonly called HOLLYWOOD and catches up to 20bl are common. also there fisheries is very strict, they can only use one rod per person and have to where there fishing lic like a name tag pinned to your chest at all times. also during the salmon run barbed hookes are not legal. He was amazed we got off with a warning for him not having a lic, in the US they get ery hefty fines and possible jail terms.

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