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Spawning Fish


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i got 2 quality fish today and kept them

a 42cm flounder and a 35cm bream, i felt ashamed when after deciding to keep cause i later gutted them and discovered them to be full of eggs.

in the interest of keeping our beloved sport sustainable, and for all repsonsible fisherpeople, i thought i would ask how can you tell with different species if they are spawning????

the bream i should have known cause it was fat....but it wasnt that obvious

the flounder i had no idea

i have got flatties before which had an obvious pregnant stomach,

but does anyone have any better advice than when its fat.

cheers caine

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Don't feel too ashamed about taking a few fish for a feed. By taking a couple home for your nana or whoever you are reducing the demand for fish caught by professional fisherman. Their practices are much more damaging to fish populations than you simply throwing around a few soft plastics without disturbing fish habitat!!

Incidently, why are we allowing species of prawns to be harvested in places like the Hawkesbury river when tey can be easily and succesfully farmed????



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