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Marinated Octopus ? Where ?


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Hi fellas,

As you noticed I havent beem on line for some time, unfortunatley about 2 weeks ago, I got my office broken into and had computers, printers stolen, no to mention a months worth of data, which is the worst thing. Anyway I have been workin round the clock trying to catch up .....

On another note, I went to a greek resturant (corinthians in marrickville) yesterday, and on a entree platter with dips they had the best marinated pickled octopus I have ever had. The funny thing is I have looked in hundreds of places but cannot find it, can anyone suggest a place that I could get this octopus? I dont believe it was homemade but more out of a jar, how good is it ....

Anyway Any pointer on where to buy it would be much appreciated.



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