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Whos A Happy Boy!


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Went out for my usual daily fish at sawmillers during my lunch break.

God was I blessed. Usually I only catch the good old flatty down there but today was to be different.

Nibble nibble then strike. ZZZzzzzzzzzz what the !!!. 2kg line no chance im going to get sliced here. Zzzzzz more line. Ok im not going to land this but just let me see it. Then i see a flash of white. Oh shit its a ray. Started to get some line back no its the biggest bream I have ever seen in my life.

By now I was shaking. Zzzzz off he goes again. Didnt help that it was low tide and a million weed beads for it to run into.

Eventually I won and managed to land him. Not sure how long he was but hay I didnt care.

Woooohoooo happy days. Anyway back to work.

Oh and he got to back in, fish this old deserves to live another day.


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Thats a snorker mate, well done. :thumbup:



Got her on kakoda 5cm gold grub . First cast on that plastic. Funny enough the other day I came home from workand the mrs' says I went to+_+_) today and I bought you some lures. (what does she know about lures).

Anyway dont complain....thanks honey ill give them a go tomorrow. I guess she did know something.

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